“Do just once what others say you can't do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again.”
― James Cook

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7 Ways to Connect with The ARMory

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The 7 ways to access our services

  • Request a free class.  

Try us out at no charge.

That’s right!  Your first class is totally free.

Our classes generally last 2-2 ½ hours and involve:

  • A 5-10 minute multimedia mindset segment,
  • A 15-20 minute dynamic warm up,
  • 45-60 minutes of throwing drills working on various parts of the delivery,
  • 45-60 minutes of pitcher specific, fast twitch muscle development exercises,
  • And a 15-20 minute arm care/cool sown segment.

Click here to request your free class.  In the appropriate blocks, enter your name and email address and your player’s first and last name.

I will send you a return email with a username and password to access our on line class registration system.  I’ll include enough credits to totally cover the first class and a short video tutorial on how to use the system. You can then log on and pick the class you want to attend. Get started now!


If you choose to join us for training, we ask that you schedule and initial evaluation within the first two weeks.  This is critical for us to identify inefficiencies so we can directly target your training.


  • Sign up for an initial assessment:

Every Tuesday night at 6:00 pm (except the last Tuesday of every month), we stop training and conduct our initial and recurring assessments.  The cost is $60 but you get that back with a free class.  The assessment is very thorough and last 2-3 hours.  We’ll perform a physical therapy/orthopedic screen for common pitcher related injuries, we’ll check you for shoulder mobility, hip mobility, thoracic mobility, ankle mobility, lumbar range of motion and core stability.  We’ll do a functional movement screen to evaluate your ability to control your center of mass in various athletic movements, and we’ll do a high speed video analysis of your throwing motion to evaluate 18-21 different markers we consider critical to optimum performance and injury risk reduction.  You’ll leave with a written plan for correcting the inefficiencies we find.  And will throw in a free training class for your time. The evaluation is critical to our process, so we must conduct it before or soon after you begin taking classes.  We reassess every 60 days to make adjustments to the plan and review your progress.

Click here to schedule an initial evaluation.


  • Book Randy come to your location for a weekend 2-day Rocket Launchers Roadshow

I get a lot of calls from people who live all over the country. They are intrigued by the stuff we’re doing and they want to be involved, but they don’t live close enough to the Tampa Bay area to make it practical.

Well, I have the perfect solution. If you can’t come to the ARMory, I’ll bring The ARMory to you!

Gather up at least 10 pitchers and find a ballpark, or a locker room or a broom closet, and I’ll come spend 2 days showing you everything we do. And I’ll provide you with the science behind it all.

For $200 per player 9-5 on Saturday, 9-2 on Sunday.

Each attendee will receive a head to toe physical therapy orthopedic assessment, a functional movement screen, and a high-speed video analysis. ($100 value)

Parents and coaches may attend for free and learn the science and application of our cutting edge methods for developing the 90 mph delivery through 7 hours of lecture and multimedia presentations. ($350 value).

You’ll be introduced to a series of pitcher specific drills and exercises via 2 ARMory style workouts designed to elicit the necessary changes to make you the most dominant pitcher you can be. ($150 value).


You’ll leave with a written systematic, scientific plan for improving your velocity, command and durability. ($50).

Do the math.  That’s a $650 value for only $200.

Just choose a weekend and let’s get it done.

Host will provide air-fare and hotel as needed. Nothing fancy. Just a bed and a desk to prepare the video analysis.

Click here to book a roadshow.

  • Attend a “Rocket Science Live” seminar.  
  • The last Tuesday of every month, we stop training and host a 1-hour live seminar featuring exciting and knowledgeable speakers from a variety of disciplines and interest–all guided toward helping you become the best pitcher you can be.

Previous presentations have included:

Play Big!  The Mental Game of Baseball By Dr. Tom Hanson

Pitcher’s Kevlar: Bulletproof Pitch Selection by Randy Sullivan

Max Force Pitcher Durability Training: by Chris Holt

World champion Matt Furey on the Mind Body Connection for baseball.


Next Event
October 22nd: The 3 Ts of in Game And In Season Adjustments


Watch our website for banners announcing other speakers and topics.


  • Request a Video Lesson:  

If you can’t come in for the full assessment we can do the next best thing.  Upload a video-Just 2 pitches at full game speed–One from face on 90 from the pitcher and one from the front (a little angle is ok—don’t get hurt doing this one.)  I’ll run it through my Motion Pro software and send you a frame-by-frame analysis with audio overlay.

Click Here to Order a Video Review


Contact name

Player first and last name

Email address


Cost $80.00

  • Books and DVDs

Developing the 90mph pitcher

Engineering the Superhuman Pitching Machine: Volume 1: The Fab Four Pillars of Explosive Pitcher Development

Pitcher’s Kevlar: Bulletproof Pitch Selection

Max Force Pitcher Durability Training


     • Attend an ARMory Rocket Launchers Weekend Training Camp

EVERYTHING we do at The ARMory is based in science. Everything has a reason. Every drill, every exercise, every video, every lecture is specifically designed and organized to scientifically develop our students into elite rocket firing dominators.

Our workouts are high octane and scripted to the minute. There is never any down time. But that causes a bit of a problem. For our students to truly “buy in” it’s important for them to understand the science behind it all. But because we are so busy training, we don’t get to share the “why” behind what we do as often as we need to.

I now have a solution for that!

Weekend Training Camps

It’s called The ARMory Rocket Launchers Training Camp. It’s 2 days of boot camp where I’ll lay it all out for you. I’ll cover all the fundamental scientific pillars of our approach and show you the “how” and “why” behind everything.


We will be presenting 2 camps this fall.

You can sign up now to attend on October 19/20 or November 2/3


The camps will run from 9am to 5 pm on Saturday and 9 am to 2 pm on Sunday.

For our out of town guests, we have a block of rooms reserved at the Holiday Inn Express for only $72 per night.


When you register and attend, you will receive an ARMory 3 phase assessment including a high-speed video analysis. ($60 value)

You’ll get 2 ARMory style workouts showing you all the motor building exercises ARMory students have used to become some of the most prolific and explosive pitchers in the country.  ($120 value)

It will be a multimedia extravaganza and will include 6-7 hours of lecture and video presentations on all the fundamentals of our program.  ($600-$700 value)

Topics will include:

  • Starting With the Pain (Wolforth)
  • Reject The Freak Theory (Wolforth)
  • Conducting a World Class Evaluation
  • Training the Correct Energy System
  • Creating a Fast Twitch Athlete
  • Dynamic Warmup
  • The Fab 4 Pillars Of Explosive Pitcher Development
  • Balancing Accelerators and Decelerators
  • Varying the Nueromuscular Stimulus
  • Alerting the Reticular Activating System
  • How We Learn Motor Skills
  •          The Bernstein Principle
  •          Myelination
  •          Deliberate Practice
  •          Chunking/Blending
  • Periodizing Your Training Plan


We’ll also be covering the parameters of efficient pitching movement patterns such as:

  •          Deceleration: Keeping it natural and safe
  •          Creating Torque and Separation
  •          Lead Leg Connection
  •          Pelvic Engagement (how to use your hips)
  •          Arm Action
  •          Connection (keeping your movement pattern together)
  •          Creating Tempo and Momentum
  •          Direction
  •          And Intent!!


And you’ll receive world-class mindset training throughout the event.

You’ll leave with a written plan to laser focus your training so you can rapidly gain the 5-7mph, the pinpoint command, and the titanium durability you have been searching for your entire life. ($100 value)

In total, that’s nearly $1000 worth of material and training for less than 1/3rd of that cost.

Johnny B. Good
It’s clear that I absolutely believe in this program, but I don’t want you to just take my word for it:Here’s what this camp did for one of our students.Johnny is the son of a 10-year professional player. His dad, Jed, a 6-year big leaguer with a world series trip included thought he had seen it all.But he never imagined how much impact one weekend camp could have on a kid.

Johnny had been a member of the high school varsity team as a sophomore. He had played a little, but not exceptionally well. Entering the spring season of his junior year, he hoped to improve his performance and garner a little more playing time. He still had aspirations of playing college or professional baseball, but when the roster was posted after the tryouts, his name was not listed.

He was devastated.

He had been cut from the team.

Johnny called me the next day and said, “Coach, I got cut from the team.”

“Good”, I replied, “That gives us 4 months of training to get you ready for summer ball. You are going to throw 90mph and you’re going to get a college scholarship without even playing for your high school.”

That weekend, Johnny reported to our ARMory Rocket Launchers Training Camp. The first segment featured a mindset video about casting aside the expectations of the world.

Johnny was hooked.

After 2 days of investigation, inspiration, and instruction Johnny went home and told his Dad, “I’m gonna prove them wrong!”

After the camp Johnny worked hard…

Very hard.

I’ll let his dad take it from here:

“When he was cut from the high school team he was sitting at about 82-84 mph and to quote a famous deceased friend of mine “some people throw to spots, some people throw to zones, but Johnny throws to continents”. Fast-forward 8 months. Last clocked at 92 mph, nasty hammer, and very impressive last three outings, no walks, covering 7 innings with his top performance of 2 2/3 innings with 8 strikeouts and no walks! I can tell you with 100% certainty that without Randy and The ARMory Power Pitching Academy, we may be still hanging at the mid 80’s range. Johnny has gone from being cut from the high school team to being the STOPPER out the pen for an elite travel baseball team. Soon he will commit to a division 1 college and continue chasing his dream. And it all started with a Rocket Launchers Training Camp. ”

-Jed B.

I can’t tell you how proud I am of Johnny, He got kicked in the teeth, but he got up off the deck and got to work.

Are you the next 90 mph guy at The ARMory?

I say, “Why not?”

Why don’t you try a Rocket Launchers Training Camp and find out?

It will be the best decision of your baseball career.

I Guarantee It

I am so convinced that this 2-day camp will change your life as a pitcher and as a person that I am willing to back it up with a PERSONAL GUARANTEE.

If you leave the event on Sunday and you aren’t totally convinced that the material and training will make you a better pitcher, just pull me to the side and tell me. I will immediately give you a full cash refund on the spot. No questions asked.

If you want to become the guy everyone wants on their team—if you want to be the go-to-guy on your pitching staff, then you must attend this camp.

All you have to do is click here

Yes, Randy, I want to become the next 90 mph stud

That showcase you’re planning to attend won’t get you recruited–especially if you’re “showcasing” an 82mph fastball and you can’t command your off speed stuff.

You’ve spent thousands of dollars traditional pitching lessons, and you still aren’t getting the looks you want from the next level.

In the words of Dr. Phil, “How’s that workin’ for ya?”

Why not spend that money on training that will help you build your ability to a level that draws the recruiters and scouts to you, like bees to honey?

Make yourself so good they can’t ignore you.

And as a shameless bribe, if you register by midnight on Friday September 27th, I will throw in a fee copy of my new book and DVD calledEngineering the Superhuman Pitcher Volume 1:

The Fab Four Pillars of Explosive Pitcher Development.  This book gives you the motor building workout you need to become a bonafide missile launcher. (That’s a $79 dollar value)

But don’t delay. After Friday night the September 27th the free bonus offer will be removed, and the price will go up.


When you attend a Rocket Launchers Training Camp and execute your individualized training plan, you will become very popular among college recruiters and professional scouts.

Your phone will be ringing off the hook and you’ll have lots of decisions to make.

Consider yourself warned.













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