“Do just once what others say you can't do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again.”
― James Cook

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Hey Pitcher! You’re The Fat Chick

Lonely Cat

This morning when I woke up there was a black and white tuxedo cat named Molly sitting on my chest purring.
As I mentioned in an earlier e-mail, I’m home alone for the next 3 weeks. My wife and youngest son (age 15) are at East Cobb, Georgia for a series of baseball tournaments. Two of my sons are college pitchers who are training with Ron at the Texas Baseball Ranch for 2 months. Some of you might ask why I would send my sons all the way out to Texas when they could train right here at The ARMory. Well, Ron is a brilliant pitching coach and a baseball savant. I am just their dad. You get the picture.

Besides, I told them to send me back anything new they’re working on. They’ve already called with 2 or 3 things we hadn’t seen yet. We started using them in The ARMory and the results have been fantastic.

That’s our culture here.
Ask lots of questions. Learn from everyone.
Anyone who thinks they have this game all figured out and is not willing to look outside their immediate circle for new ideas is an idiot.

There are no experts, only those who are further along in the learning process. I avoid experts. I gravitate toward and attract learners.

Anyway, apparently my cat really likes me now.
I’ve never been much of a cat guy.
We’ve had a few cats over the years.
Mostly I just ignore them and they avoid me.
It’s mutual really.

But now that I’m the only one in the house, Molly has decided to make me her best friend.
She meows and purrs a lot and rubs her side on my leg.
Not sure what that’s all about.
When I’m working at my computer, she hops up on the desk and chases the little arrow around the screen as I move the mouse.

So before everyone left, I didn’t really exist in her world.
Now we’re best buddies.
Makes me feel kind if like the ugly fat girl who couldn’t get a date to the prom until the last minute.

The Prom is Around the Corner
By the way, July 1st is a big day in the amateur baseball world.
That’s the day the NCAA declares the dead time over and college coaches all over the country are allowed to personally call their recruits.

So how’s it going for you?
It’s July 4th.
Has your phone been ringing off the hook?

Here are a few tips you need to know about the recruiting process.

1) Everyone gets letters and e-mails, and mentions to their coach.

2) If you are a rising senior, right handed and throwing less than 85 mph, THEY ARE NOT GOING TO CALL YOU–even at the D2 or D3 levels
(Lefties get about a 3 mph break on that ‘cause their weird…I mean rare).

3) If you’re in that 85-88mph range and they haven’t called, here’s what’s going on.
They’re waiting for all the guys who throw 90 and above to turn them down first.
You’re on the B list.
Don’t worry, though.
As the November early signing date approaches the smaller, less established programs might call and make you a late offer.

YOU ARE THE FAT UGLY GIRL waiting for someone to ask you to the prom!
Maybe they’ll call at the last minute.
Or maybe you’ll be left home with a shiny dress and box of Bon-Bons.

Here Comes the Cavalry!
But wait! I have some great news!
You don’t have to sit around looking out the window.
There’s an answer.
Get your fastball up to 90 mph and suddenly you’ll be the most popular girl in school.

And I know a place that can help you do it.
It’s called The ARMory Power Pitching Academy.
We just churned out another 90mph guy yesterday.
That’s 33 since February of 2011, and 17 since January of this year.

Our guys get to 90 mph, and they get phone calls.
Lots of them.
Get your tail in here and get that 5-7 mph that will change your life!

And here’s my final bit of advice.
If you’re not at or above 85 mph, STOP GOING TO SHOWCASES!
They’re stealing your money!
No one is looking at you Mr. Eighty pooh!
And don’t go to camps at colleges.
If they want you, they’ll make an offer.
If not, they’ll invite you to their camp and gladly take your money.
I repeat:

But it’s not too late.

You have until late October to land a baseball scholly.
According to my calculations, that’s about 16 weeks–just enough time to find that 5-7 mph you need to get the looks you want.
All it takes is one guy to see you throw one pitch 90+ and you’re in!

Mount Up and Ride!!

So what are you waiting for?
Romeo ain’t calling.
Not until you get yourself prettied up with a 90 mph fastball.

Think of us as your knight in shining ARMory (see what I did there?).
Except we won’t be riding up on a white stallion.

You gotta come to us–

click here and sign up for a free class and get started,

or click here to schedule your initial evaluation.

And there’s always the ARMory Rocket Launchers Road show. I’m doing one in Kingstree, SC this weekend. You can click here to learn more about that program.

Turns out I’m allergic to the cat. So now my eyes are itching, my nose is running, and I’m sneezing incessantly.
I’m headed to CVS for some Allegra.

Until next time,

I’ll call you…

no really.

Randy Sullivan, PT
CEO, The ARMory Power Pitching Academy

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