“Do just once what others say you can't do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again.”
― James Cook

Insider Platoon

ARMory Insider Platoon

Early Bird “Special Access” Coaching Program

Note: This offer is very limited and may be closed at any time.

Yes Randy, I want to be a member of your “ARMory Insider Platoon” coaching program, which I understand is in the Early Bird phase. As such, because I’m getting in on something totally new, and I am becoming a charter member of the program, I get to be involved at a huge discount.

Based on the OVERWHELMING success and results our pitchers are achieving, it is conceivable that this program may eventually cost $300-500.00 per month – or more.

But right now, because you have the chance to get in on the “ground level” of this program’s success, you can receive all the products and services listed below for $127/month. This is an introduction beta price. I strongly urge you to take advantage now…I can only answer personal questions by phone and provide this level of access for a limited few (you’ll get a secret direct phone number to reach me). Once I have reach my “internal”, number the monthly rate for this service will increase, probably by 3x or more.  

After six months, if you believe the program is not working for you (which we know won’t happen) you’re welcome to drop out – but you must agree to stay with us for at least six months.

As part of this program you will receive:

a. One free Rocket Launchers training Camp per year.

b.  Insider Platoon Members will receive a private download link via email to access to all future “Rocket Science Live” seminars. Rocket Science Live presentations feature some of the most knowledgeable instructors in the business covering a wide variety of topics.

c. One free remote video analysis per year on the pitcher of your choice

d. Special hotline phone number for Insider Platoon Members only for guaranteed immediate response.

e. 10% discount on all ARMory videos and books.


And now you’ll also get access to the following online digital training products.:

Engineering the Superhuman Pitching Machine, Vol 1: The Fab 4 Pillars of Explosive Pitcher Development ($97 value)


Engineering the Superhuman Pitching Machine, Vol 2: Conducting a World Class Pitcher Evaluation ($97 value)


Engineering the Superhuman Pitching Machine, Vol 3: ($97 value).


Mechanical Contributors to Arm Pain ($47 value)


Physical Contributors to Arm Pain ($47 value)


C4: In Game Adjustments ($37 value)


Matt Furey’s Mind Body Connections for Baseball ($37 value)


Weighted Ball Holds ARMory Style ($37 value)


Pitcher’s Kevlar: Bulletproof Your Pitch Selection ($37 value)


Dr. Tom Hanson’s Heads Up Baseball II Preview ($37 value)


Developing the 90 mph Pitcher ($67 value)


Pitcher’s Survival Training: In season training guide ($37 value)


Max Force Pitcher Durability Training by Chris Holt ($37 value)


Nerve: Managing Performance Anxiety ($37 Value)


You have to agree to a 6 month commitment, but my goodness….that’s over $2100 in products and services!!


And you’ll keep getting free access to every one of our monthly Rocket Science Live Videos and the special monthly Insider Platoon News Letter. Can’t beat that! This is a no-brainer.


I promise you, once you sign up instead of saying, “Man, I wish I hadn’t done that.” You’ll be saying, “Wow! That was a great idea!!”


Until Next Time,

Randy Sullivan, MPT
CEO,The ARMory Power Pitching Academy


You understand that the ARMory Insider Platoon is only $127 a month and that you are committing for a minimum of six months and may drop out at any time afterward.

As such I agree that my signature below binds me to this agreement and I am fully committed. I also understand that the amount I am putting into this group is non-refundable, non-transferable and non-negotiable.

Signature of The ARMory Insider Platoon Member

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