“Do just once what others say you can't do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again.”
― James Cook

Rocket Launchers Road Show

Randy Sullivan

Randy Sullivan

I get a lot of calls from people who live all over the country. They are intrigued by the stuff we’re doing and they want to be involved, but they don’t live close enough to the Tampa Bay area to make it practical.

Well, I have the perfect solution. If you can’t come to the ARMory, I’ll bring The ARMory to you!

Gather up at least 10 pitchers and find a ballpark, or a locker room or a broom closet, and I’ll come spend 2 days showing you everything we do. And I’ll provide you with the science behind it all.

For $200 per player 9-4 on Saturday, 9-2 on Sunday.

Each attendee will receive a head to toe physical therapy orthopedic assessment, a functional movement screen, and a high speed video analysis.

When the weekend is over, you’ll have a clear written plan for improving your velocity, command and durability.

Just choose a weekend and let’s get it done.

Host will provide air fare and hotel as needed. Nothing fancy. Just a bed and a desk to prepare the video analysis.

Learn the science and application of our cutting edge methods for developing the 90 mph delivery.

You’ll leave with a written systematic, science plan for improving your velocity, command and durability.

You’ll be introduced to a series of pitcher specific drills and exercises designed to elicit the necessary changes to make you the most dominant pitcher you can be.

You’ll be able to implement a world class arm care and recovery program to help ensure you’re always ready for your next outing.

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