“Do just once what others say you can't do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again.”
― James Cook


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The blog of Randy Sullivan, MPT
The ARM Pain Assassin!

The Arm Pain Assassin Strikes Again!
What’s In Your Booty?
This Scares Me To Death — And Makes Me Proud as Hell
Weight Loss and Pitchers?
Chicks Dig Fastballs. It’s All About The TA!
Everything You Need To Know About Medial Elbow Pain
The Top 10 Reasons (You Might Not Have Considered) For All These Elbow Injuries
SOS! Here’s the 411 on the 911 of Arm Injuries
“You Could Never Be A Big League Pitching Coach”
And Here’s How Poor Deceleration Can Tear Your UCL
DECLINED : MLB Injuries Highlight an Epidemic in Baseball
Can Your Pitching Coach or Instructor REALLY Tell You Why Your Arm Hurts?
Rocket Launchers Training Camp Saves a Pitching Career, Changes a Life
Top 10 Reasons Your Arm Hurts
Unbelievable!! Guys Were Smoking In the Dugout!!
Four Words That Changed My Life Forever
Rodent Chuckin’: Deceleration Lessons From an Unfortunate Party Rat
The Dangers of Not Assessing and Re-assesing Pitchers
My Name Would Be Censored on British TV
10 Absolute Demands for Your Pitching Instructor This Off-Season
Feed the Mistake!
The Connection Ball: A Case Study
Is It Possible To Be Injury Proof?
The Hooter’s Defense
What If OJ Didn’t Do It?
The Dumbest Thing I Ever Did
Another Man Down! Jose Fernandez and Save the Cannons
ARMVALANCHE!!! Pushing Back Against the Cascade of Injuries
Save the Cannons: Developing Throwing Ability While Keeping young Arms Safe and Healthy
Poor Deceleration Can Tear Your Labrum and Your UCL
Deceleration Can Be A Pain In The Rhomboids
Ice is for Cocktails. Not for Pitchers.
What Caused My Son’s Injury? Questions From a Loving Father
Man Survives Bataan Death March: Here’s What He Had to Say About It
You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid!
A Near Fatal Mistake…A Superhuman Solution

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