“Do just once what others say you can't do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again.”
― James Cook

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7 Weeks Until the Biggest Day in ARMory History

7 weeks…

The land has been cleared.

The irrigation system is in the ground.

The utility lines are in.

The canopy of trees that used to cover our 400 ft x 70’ long toss lane has been trimmed back.

The building, a 120’ x 50’ metal quonsut arrives on tomorrow.

Workers will start erecting it on Monday.

That gives us 7 weeks…

7 weeks to finish the 4 bullpens.

7 weeks to lay the turf.

7 weeks to finish the parking area

7 weeks to construct the 15’ long 10’ high concrete plyo-wall.

7 weeks to install the world class audiovisual system.

7 weeks to move the equipment into the weight room.

7 weeks to equip the physical therapy clinic.

7 weeks to build the Hardcore Broga studio.

7 weeks to hang the coolest welcome sign ever created.

7 weeks to design and stock the gift shop, nutrition store and registration center.

7 weeks to complete the 60’ high octagon-shaped batting cage (‘cause two of our sons are hitters!)

7 weeks to move in the screens, nets, med balls, the weighted balls, the connection balls, the shoulder tubes, the Durathro Training Socks, the angle boards, the indoor mounds, and of course the baseballs.

7 weeks until Coaches Ron and Jill Wolforth of the world famous Texas Baseball Ranch will fly in on a United Airlines jet, and we’ll begin a new collaboration with the best baseball training facility on the planet.

7 weeks before the most phenomenal pitcher’s boot camp in the history of pitcher’s boot camps.

7 weeks before we take all those elite throwers to Joker Marchant Stadium for a spring training game featuring the New York Yankees and the Detroit Tigers.

7 weeks before The Texas Baseball Ranch and the Florida Baseball Ranch lock arms and forge ahead together to change the throwing universe forever.

7 weeks before the dream, the vision becomes a reality.

7 weeks before you’ll have a one-stop, world-class answer to all your training needs.

Having arm pain?

Recovering from injury?

Need to add some velo?

Need to improve your command?

Need to develop your off-speed stuff?

Need a more effective recovery plan?

In 7 weeks, you’ll have the solution to all those problems at the only Physical Therapist owned and operated baseball training facility on the planet…

But there are only a few days until the early bird discount for registration expires.

Click here and sign up now!

Take a few days off from grinding through the winter and join us in sunny Florida for Spring Training – Ranch Style.

The Florida Baseball Ranch is located at 1411 S. Wiggins Rd, Plant City, FL

We’re 3 miles south of Interstate 4 and 1 mile west of County Line Road.

We’re 40 minutes the Tampa International Airport, 1 hour from Disney World and the Orlando International Airport, and 5 minutes from Lakeland’s Linder Regional Airport.

We’re 20 minutes from Joker Marchant Stadium, the spring training  home of the Detroit Tigers and 35 minutes from the NY Yankees Legends Field.

The first camp will take place March 4-6.

The second on March 18-20.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A head to toe physical assessment by a licensed physical therapist.
  • A high-speed video analysis of your throwing patterns
  • Body composition assessment, nutrition planning
  • Long toss training
  • Off-speed training
  • Scaptivation
  • 2 power building workouts
  • 2 ARMory strong weight training sessions
  • Protecting your labrum and UCL
  • Hands on instruction of all corrective mobility/stability exercises
  • Hands on instruction of all corrective throwing drills
  • Ice Is for Cocktails: Why We Don’t Ice
  • Myelination and the Neurophysiology of Learning

At the end of the weekend, every player will leave with a written individualized training plan that will include corrective exercises to address any physical constraints we found in the evaluation, and a personalized 21 day throwing plan to carve away any mechanical inefficiencies that might be holding him back.

And that’s not all!

You’ll also be given (at no additional charge) a free 30-day membership to DurathroTM Training System, the on-line treasure chest of instructional training information and services to ensure the continuity of your plan as you move forward.

Uncommon athletes ages 10 and up with an uncommon desire to improve their ability are welcome to register by clicking here.

Or you can just call us at 813-655-3342.

Remember if you sign up before Jan 15th, 2016, you’ll save over $500.

Group and sibling discounts are available too.

Call us at 813-655-3342 to find out more.

See you at the Ranch!!!

In just 7 weeks…

Randy Sullivan, MPT

CEO, The Florida Baseball Ranch

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