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I Do Nothing!… NOTHING!! (The Lead Leg)

When I was a kid, I used to love to watch a TV show called Hogan’s Heroes.

My favorite character was a bumbling, overweight prison guard named Sgt. Schultz.

I think of him often when I consider the role of the stride leg in the pitching delivery (weird, huh?)

See, around here the only time we talk about stride is to say that we never talk about stride.

Guys manage their stride legs in different ways, and honestly, we don’t care. In an efficient delivery, the only thing the stride leg does until it hits the ground is NOTHING! We have to lift it to get it out of the way, but beyond that it has no role until the front foot lands.

Trying to manipulate the stride leg can only create inhibitory disconnections.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, a group of pitching gurus concluded that the hardest throwers in the world demonstrated stride lengths greater than 120% of they’re body height. The concept was recycled, regurgitated, and passed around until the pervasive message was that EVERY pitcher achieve it.

“If you want to throw hard, you have to have a long stride.”

Soon we had pitchers all over the planet reaching with their lead legs, losing velocity, destroying their command, and getting hurt.

As is turns out, the length of the stride has very little to do with velocity. In truth, the guys with long strides are just way better at riding their glutes, defying gravity with their center of mass until front foot finally has to land. The length of the stride is simply product of the duration of the ride. They stride long because they ride long.


Ok, so that explains the stride length dilemma. What about the direction of the stride? Have you noticed those guys that stride toward their arm sides and “throw across their body”?

For years coaches have attempted to manipulate the directional leg landing point by drawing that infernal line down the center of the mound.

Here’s the problem… the lead leg is not the problem. The lead leg is the runny nose and the cough.

The trail leg is the virus.

The direction of the stride is the product of the quality of the ride. If  you’re quad dominant and on the ball of your foot, you’ll stride toward your arm side. If You’re glute dominant, you’ll stride directly toward home plate.

For more on this concept, see my recent article on The Inverted Iron Pyramid.

So here’s an idea. Let’s stop talking about the stride leg.
As long as is braces up for rotation at landing it’s fine. Leave it alone.
The stride leg is like fight club…

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