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Thoracic Outlet Syndrome: A Case Study

In August of 2015,Brandon D., a 15 year old left handed pitcher, came to a Rocket Launchers Training Camp all the way from Queens, NY . According to his father, Brandon had already seen 4 different orthopedists for recurring, debilitating left biceps pain. He had struggled with it for over a year and had been shut down from throwing for 6 weeks on two separate occasions. Per his report, after throwing 1-2 innings, he would notice a distinct loss of velocity, and he would experience gnawing, nauseating biceps pain and numbness in his left hand. He was desperately seeking a solution to his pain.

The following is a case study of his diagnosis and treatment for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.

Note: After this video was recorded, Brandon saw Tampa Bay Rays team surgeon, Dr. Koco Eaton, who confirmed the diagnosis and referred him to Dr. Gregory Pearl, a vascular surgeon in Dallas, TX who specializes in treating Thoracic Outlet Syndrome in baseball players. This video and case study was prepared and published with the gracious permission of Brandon and his parents. We will keep you posted on his recovery.

  1. FrankFrank08-27-2015

    Great video!!!

    I have worked with several ball players with similar symptoms and were misdiagnosed. Once we did adson’s, we were able to get to it.



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