“Do just once what others say you can't do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again.”
― James Cook

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How Long? Yes!!

Good Morning,
Later today The ARMory will board a jet to Atlanta, GA for a two-day Road Show with 54 aspiring young rocket launchers and their families. Once we land we’ll load up 5 suitcases of equipment and 7 staff members into a rented Suburban and head off to our hotel. Tomorrow morning we’ll wake up, slam down a continental breakfast, and it then it will be…

Ty Sullivan, Matt Abramson, Josh Wagner, Amy Marsh, Lisa Church, Austin Bergner, and I will be laying down the knowledge with a capital N!

Once we complete the assessments, we’ll assign and instruct all the corrective drills and exercises. We’ll discuss our motor learning model for development of the throwing ability, and we’ll teach them to reject the freak theory, and to myelinate like crazy!!.
Our staff will BRING IT!
Because they’re all ROCK STARS, bound together by their RELENTLESS PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE!

When we’re all done the Georgia Jackets will each examine their Fast Implementation Guide Packets, and they’ll be energized and ignited like never before.
About 80% will be “ALL IN” and ready to do whatever it takes to achieve their dreams.
Still, there will be 10-12 in the audience asking aloud, or at least wondering the same questions:

“How long?”
“How long do I have to work before I’ll see results?”
“How long before my arm pain goes away?”
“How long before my velocity improves so I can get that college scholarship?”
“How long before I see my command, or recovery, or secondary stuff improve?”
“How long before I make it?”

“How long?”

My answer is always the same.


You see, to me the “how long” inquiry, is really code language for the real questions:
“How hard is this going to be?”
“Is this going to require a lot of sacrifice?
“Will there be failures and struggle along the way?”
“Is this really possible?”

And so naturally, my answer is, “Yes”

Listen,The ARMory/Baseball Ranch is not a one stop, set it and forget it solution.
It’s not an answer.

It’s a path… a plan…a direction.

But mostly it’s a paradigm shift… a lifestyle change….a new perspective to set you on a course of improvement that will… eventually help you make that team…help you crack the lineup…help you get that look from the coaches at the next level…and the next…and the next….
This morning I got an e-mail from one of our students, Owen Pigati who first attended a Road Show in Evergreen, CO in July of 2014. The event was hosted by my friend Nick Kapande of Nick’s Pro Fitness (who’s son, Dane is a 2016 RHP knocking on 90’s door).
When I first met Owen he was junior in high school with a huge forearm flyout, chronic medial elbow pain, and a fastball that pegged around 81 mph. He left that camp with an individualized plan and went ALL IN, implementing and executing it to the letter. He came to a subsequent Road Show and even flew to Tampa for additional training on 2 separate occasions
His note this morning made my day.
“Randy, Owen Pigati here from Denver.

Last night was one of the most rewarding days of my life. I threw an inning in our fall World Series at Colorado School of Mines. I threw really well through our best hitters and everything felt fantastic. After the game, I quickly learned that I had finally broken 90 mph!!!! One pitch was gunned at 92 and multiple were recorded at 91!! It’s the hardest I’ve ever thrown and is completely pain free.

Thank you so much to all of you and all of your staff for the hard work and dedication each and every one of you put into all of us. It couldn’t have been done without you.

Thank you, Owen Pigati”

Way to go Owen!! I’m thrilled for you, but not at all surprised. You earned it!
Who’s Next?

Are you suffering from arm pain?
Is your velocity below that of your peers?
Do you need to improve your command, your recovery, your off-speed offerings?

I challenge you:
Come to a Rocket Launchers Training Camp, or to a Roadshow near you.
We’ll teach you our entire process.
We’ll hold nothing back.
We’ll be ALL IN for you!
We’ll set you up with an individualized training plan giving you the guidance and direction you’ve been looking for.
You’ll leave with a personalized packet with your customized plan clearly laid out for you.
It will simple to implement, but the process will not be easy… far from it.
You’ll work harder than you’ve ever worked in your life.
And it will be worth every second.
I promise you this…
I can’t tell you exactly how long it will take.
But if you go ALL IN and execute your plan…
You will make it!
You will achieve your dreams!

But there are two conditions:

1) You must trust the process and implement every detail of your plan.
2) You must never… ever… ever


Aren’t you ready to abandon the tired excuses and worn out ideas that have gotten you where you are today?

We have a few openings left for our Oct 9-11 Amazing 3-day Rocket Launchers Training Camp in Tampa, FL.Click Here to learn more.
It will be a life-changing experience, I guarantee it.

If you invest in a Rocket Launchers Training camp and aren’t 100% convinced that everything advertised and more, I will gladly give you a prompt and courteous full refund…no questions asked.

Are you ALL IN?

Randy Sullivan, MPT
CEO, The ARMory and The Florida Baseball Ranch

P.S. If you live near Denver or Evergreen, CO, We’ll be there for a Road Show on Nov 14th and 15th. Call Nick Kapande at (720) 530- 8874 to register.

And Owen’s Dad, Jeff is hosting us in the Denver area Jan 30-31, 2016. Call him at (303) 236-7870 to sign up for that one.

OR… If you want to host a Road Show or ask any question, call 1-866-STRIKE3… ask for Amy… she’ll help you get things rolling.

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