“Do just once what others say you can't do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again.”
― James Cook

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Get Confident or Get off the Field!!

Everyone I talk to seems to agree that confidence is the number one determinant of performance in baseball, in the workplace, and in life. However, there also seems to be a dearth of knowledge on how to get and remain confident. In baseball, it appears that most players have little or no idea how to create the confidence they need to succeed. They wait around to see how things will to go and pray that the baseball Gods will drop down confidence like manna from heaven. Its like they arrive at...

Amateur Gunslingers: A Dying Breed? Let’s Hope So

In the old Wild West days, if a town had a problem with a gang of outlaws, they often hired paid gunslingers to come in and take care of their dirty business. Many times, however, when the actual bullets started flying, these hired mercenaries with no vested interest in the outcome failed to deliver the desired results. The towns would have been better served to gather a few of the bravest among them, train them on the details of the mission, and let them make a stand to protect those they love...

ARMory Pitcher Ryan May Strikes Out 16 in 5 Innings!

Friday night was certainly a memorable one for ARMory student Ryan May. The Baton Rouge, LA native put on one of the most incredible pitching performances I have ever heard of. In what most witnesses are calling "simply amazing", the 6'2" senior right hander who pitches for The Dunham School, threw a no hitter, against last year's 3A state runner up, Loranger, allowing only one walk and 2 total base runners. This will blow your mind! In a 5 inning game shortened by the 10 run mercy...

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