“Do just once what others say you can't do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again.”
― James Cook

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You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid!

It's Official  My son, Ryan is a Texan!  He came home from Weatherford College last week sporting a brand new pair of ostrich skin cowboy boots, and a tattoo of a bible verse on his wrist. And now he wants a shotgun. It happened to his older brother, Ty, when he went to school out there too. Ty came back an avid fisherman, hunter, and collector of firearms. I blame Flint Wallace, the best college pitching coach in the country. I sent my kids out there to become better pitchers,...

Unbelievable!! Guys Were Smoking In the Dugout!!

Birds Aflame!!!  This morning I started a twitter fire. I didn’t expect to create controversy, but some people get riled up when you challenge traditionally accepted “Truths”. It started innocently enough. I was on my way to the second day of our Rocket Launchers Training Camp ,and I was reflecting on the last week’s Ultimate Pitching Coach’s Boot Camp at The Texas Baseball Ranch. Specifically, I was thinking about the talk by one of the world’s most respected...

A Near Fatal Mistake…A Superhuman Solution

A Superhuman Friend  My best friend during high school and college was a guy named Tim Jones.I met Tim when I moved to Sumter South Carolina in the 9th grade, and we had played baseball together at Sumter High School and at The Citadel. For fifteen years of my life we were almost inseparable. Before either of us could drive, we used to ride our bikes up to the Pony League field everyday to hit. Neither of us had any money but we had 7 baseballs held together with electrical...

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