“Do just once what others say you can't do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again.”
― James Cook

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Is Your Collegiate Summer League a Waste of Time?

Earlier today I got a calls from 3 pitchers from a Top 20 Division 1 baseball program. In Lieu of summer ball these guys, upon the advice of their pitching coach, have decided to attend our Summer Rocketeer Training Program.

These guys and their coach really get it!

I know I’ll catch a lot of flack for this, but here it is…

Collegiate Summer League games for pitchers are often a waste of time.


There it is.

It’s really the same trap that younger travel ball players fall into.
We spend WAY to much time playing in games and not preparing for the future.

The cold hard truth is that you don’t get better by pitching in games.
Training makes you better.
Games are simply a means of measuring your progress.

My own son went to play in the highly respected Valley League one year.
He threw 5-8 innings every 5th day and did a lot of fishing.

Did he get better as a pitcher?

Hard to say…

On the last start of the summer he took a line drive comebacker that shattered his throwing hand thumb. Instead of coming into the fall better than ever, he had to endure a painful 14 hour drive home, a surgical repair, and a redshirt year as he healed.

For hitters, I get it… I guess.
More live at bats makes a little sense.

But for pitchers?

Not so much.

Listen, if you have thrown 70-100 innings, or more for your college team this year, do you really need more games?

On the other hand, if you didn’t get many innings this season, there is probably a reason why.
What are you missing?
What’s keeping you out of the rotation?

We asked dozens of college coaches and 3 pro organizations what they’re looking for. Then we designed our summer program to meet those needs. Here’s what they said are the most likely variables that are holding you back:

1) You need more velocity
2) You need better command
3) You need to develop your off-speed stuff
4) You have arm heath and durability issues
5) You don’t recover well,you are inconsistent in your performance
6) You have mental game deficiencies
7) You don’t understand spin rate and how to maximize it in your performance
8) You need to develop your athleticism as a pitcher to become powerful and durable
9) You have nutrition/hydration deficits that inhibit your performance

Our Summer Rocketeer Training Program will start on day 1 with individualized assessments in each of the aforementioned areas. From there we’ll design a personalized training plan that will erase all your deficits. We’ll guide you through a 5 day per week process that will have you locked and loaded by the time you return to school in the fall.

When you attend the ARMory Summer Rocketeer Training Program, life will be different when you return to school.

Here is what you can expect:

You’ll be healthy and pain free.
You’ll be throwing harder.
Your command will improve.
Your off speed stuff will be filthy.
You will have a world class mental game.

Heads will turn.
Mouths will fall agape!
You’ll have everyone wondering what the heck you did?
You’ll probably be “randomly” chosen for urinalysis.
You’ll be so good, they’ll have no choice but to put you in the lineup!

Years from now, when you’re pitching in the big leagues, you’ll look back on this summer as the catalyst that changed everything for you.

You know I’m right.

You know this is exactly what you need.

Now I’m am asking you… encouraging you to have the courage to be uncommon and to take uncommon action.

Go right now to www.armorypitching.com/summer and lock in your spot for this life-changing program.
Spots are filling up fast!
We will shut down registration when we hit 20 players per session (hint: we aren’t too far away from that).

If you want to learn more about the most comprehensive summer training ever designed, download this PDF called A Day In The Life Of A Summer Training Rocketeer by CLICKING HERE.

Can’t make it for an entire summer? Then at least check out one of our weekend Rocket Launchers Training Camps. Register at www.armorypitching.com

Here are the dates:


Are you ready for launch?

Randy Sullivan, MPT

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