“Do just once what others say you can't do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again.”
― James Cook


Thoracic Outlet Syndrome: A Case Study

In August of 2015,Brandon D., a 15 year old left handed pitcher, came to a Rocket Launchers Training Camp all the way from Queens, NY . According to his father, Brandon had already seen 4 different orthopedists for recurring, debilitating left biceps pain. He had struggled with it for over a year and had been shut down from throwing for 6 weeks on two separate occasions. Per his report, after throwing 1-2 innings, he would notice a distinct loss of velocity, and he would experience gnawing,...

Training Corruption: A Pervasive Infection


Watch Out for Tiger Country: 97 mph Pitcher… Massive Shoulder Blowout

Last week I scrubbed in to surgery with Tampa Bay Rays Team doctor, Koco Eaton to observe one of the most amazing surgical performances I have ever seen. The patient was a college pitcher named Zach. He is a former JUCO guy from Arizona who had previously topped out at 97 mph and currently has a scholarship to a division 1 school. I first met Zach about 2 weeks into our Summer Program after his mother had called me and said he was ready to eject from the Jayhawk summer league because...

The Biggest Little Word In The English Language

In her enlightening book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, Carol Dweck,identifies two vastly different approaches to life. She calls them "The Growth Mindset" and "The Fixed Mindset". I borrowed this table off the internet from Reid Wilson. What kind of mindset are you? Do you look at challenges, obstacles, and failures as roadblocks? Or do you see them as interesting puzzles that will be fun and rewarding to solve? I like to think I'm a growth mindset guy. But if it...

Rocket Launcher’s Training Camp

The ARMory Rocket Launcher's Training Camp is 3 days of world class pitcher assess,went and instruction. We are Physical Therapists, Coaches, and Instructors using a medically-based, motor learning approach to manage and develop elite throwing athletes. https://youtu.be/4W6P2_5p5OQ Call us at 1-866-STRIKE3 to learn...

This Is What It’s All About.

If being a baseball coach and instructor was only about teaching baseball, I wouldn't do it. Recently, I was totally blind-sided by something I truly didn’t see coming. Let me tell you the story of Danny Muniz. Danny is a rising college sophomore from the Miami area. He’s a right-handed pitcher who upon graduation from high school was topping at a whopping 82 mph. Not willing to give up on his dream of playing college baseball, he accepted a scholarship to an NAIA school in...

Chicks Will Dig You


Do That S*** Again!

Here is a business and coaching axiom I made up several years ago. “The quality of an organization is inversely proportional to the number of meetings they hold… especially emergency meetings.” I don’t do meetings. And here’s why. When I was in the military, I attended far too many meetings with no direction or purpose. Frequently, I would sit and listen to lower level officers bloviate, posture and grandstand in hopes of impressing the top brass. More times than not I...

Chicks Will Dig You!

Summer Travel Ball is over. Jupiter is 15 weeks away. If you're a high school aged player, and you haven't already landed a college commitment. You have about 15 weeks to build a better mouse trap. Throw some cheddar on it and mice will come running. Oh yeah... Chicks will dig you!! https://youtu.be/6vYfNTMBL88 Choose a date below and click here to get started on the most important off-season of your...

Lost and Found

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